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Message from the PresidentFrances Cranford 2014

I hope you have mailed in your registration for the retreat and/or convention in August. Now is a good time to stay in out of the heat and quilt. While you are in your sewing room, look for items that you may want to contribute for the flea market table, and bring it with you to the retreat/convention. If your guild or business would like to donate an article for a door prize, please contact Sara Shy. If you have mailed your deposit for the retreat/convention, please remember that the final payment was due July 8, 2015. Also remember to bring your empty printer cartridges to donate to the Council’s general fund. This is an easy fundraiser that helps every member.

In the last newsletter I mentioned that there are openings on the board and on committees for next year. Those openings include president-elect, treasurer, newsletter editor, and Silver Stitchers contributor. Please let me or one of the board members know if you are interested or if you have questions about any of the positions.

I know many of you knew Joyce Selin who owned the Village Quilt Shop in Stone Mountain. Joyce passed away today (June 25, 2015). She was one of the finest people that I knew and certainly gave me my quilting education. I also worked in the quilt shop for a while and on each pay check (which I usually owed back to Joyce for fabric) she wrote how much she appreciated my help. Like many of my quilting friends, Joyce made my life richer for having known her.
See you in August at the retreat or convention.

Keep stitchin’,