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Happy New Year!

Frances Cranford 2014Welcome to all Georgia Quilters especially the quilters that are members of the Georgia Quilt Council. I would like to welcome the following new committee chairs: Marilyn Nalley, business memberships and Paula Tanner, general membership. Thanks to the continuing Board and committee members: Sara Shy, Leslie Boone, Jane Barwick, Clare Gilliland, Pomelia Wasdin, and Frances Brooks. Some of the board has changed positions to fill vacant spots. Leslie, who previously served as Membership Chair, was voted in as Secretary. Pomelia , who has held two other positions, now serves as our newsletter editor. We enjoy working together and hope that some of you who have not served on the board or committees in the past will consider joining us. We have two positions open – Guild Liaison and Silver Stitchers. Also, a big thanks to our Webmaster, Philana Cunningham.

Our Board and committee chairs are working hard to make this a productive year for the Council. We hope to reach out and increase membership across the state. We also wish to connect with the guilds to coordinate activities between the guilds and the Council. If you are a member of the Council, please make sure we receive information about your guild activities so that they may be posted on the website. If there is anything I or the Board can help you or your guild with, please let us know. My email address is president@georgiaquiltcouncil.org.

Our third annual SewFest retreat will be held on August 13th and 14th with our Convention on the 15th at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield, Georgia. Sara Shy, president-elect, heads up the retreat and convention planning, and she will be updating us as the plans progress.

Both membership forms (individual and business) have been mailed out. Please join us for a fun and informative year.

Frances Cranford, President