Beverly Simpson

by Deborah Jones

In 1930, BEVERLY SIMPSON was born in Valley Junction (now West Des Moines), Iowa. Beverly is so glad to be in this world that she volunteered this information.   She met her husband Paul on a city bus in Flat River, Missouri, when she was a 16- or 17-year-old sweet young thing, a “down-to-earth country girl” as Beverly describes herself.  The next thing you know, Beverly and Paul eloped, 59 years ago.  Now they have four children who have had 13 children (one of whom died recently, sad to say) who have had 16 children.  Beverly has followed Paul, often with very small children in tow, around the Southeast and once to New Jersey in his work with The Prudential.  For the past 26 years, they have lived in Norcross, GA.  Other big adventures: Beverly and our friend Margaret Maddox stayed with quilters in the Lake District of Great Britain a number of years ago.  More recently, Beverly and Paul celebrated their life together on an Alaskan cruise.

Those of us who know Beverly personally find her to be kind-hearted, soft-spoken, bold, creative, and innovative.  In the 10 years that I have been Beverly’s friend, I have heard her speak ill of others only three times so I figure they deserved it.

In 1974, Beverly received a hand-pieced, 1930’s vintage, grandmother’s flower garden quilt top from her quilting teacher.  The teacher hand-quilted one flower, Beverly pieced a few more units and hand-quilted the rest of the quilt.  We will soon post a picture of Beverly with this quilt on the Council website on the “Meet our Silver Stitchers” page. In the quilting world, Beverly loves a challenge and will try any technique, once: hand-dying fabric, fabric painting, appliqué, fabric origami, even foundation piecing (please, do not ask her to do that again!).  What is her most creative project?  That would be fabric storage. 

Ever busy, Beverly belongs to East Cobb Quilters Guild and to Gwinnett Quilters’ Guild plus three bee groups through these guilds; she was the ECQG newsletter editor for two years and has been the GQG hospitality chair for at least two years now.  You will remember that she recently completed a stint as editor of The Sampler. Beverly leads the Bag Ladies, a diverse group of crafters that began as a neighborhood-quilting group. She is a member of Georgia Peach, an international quilt group that exchanges quilt blocks across “the pond”.

“In my life, I wouldn’t change a thing.”  Beverly Simpson

February 2007